Gun Maintenance

For a long and lasting life of your Pageris Gun, the key motto is:


  • Try for the quick overlooked problem and the easy repair solution:
    • Cured foam might be covering the needle valve at the end of the barrel of the gun. With a soft tool that won’t cause any damage to the gun, pick at the tip to remove the cured foam. Pull the trigger after cured foam is removed.
    • Foam may have cured around the ball valve inside the gun adaptor. Flush out the adaptor with Pur Fill 1G Gun Cleaner. Then attach the cleaner to the gun and pull the trigger.
    • The problem could be the can of foam. The propellant may have leaked out of the can. Flush the tool with gun cleaner and attach a new can of Pur Fill 1G.
  • Storage of your Pageris Gun
    • Always keep a can of foam on your gun
    • Shut set screw at the back of the gun and put mounted system back in your carrying case or store with can upright on shelf.
    • If the system is unused for an extended period of time. Dispense foam out of gun for a few seconds once a month.

PLEASE NOTE: If you try to repair the tool, wear safety goggles, rubber gloves and a smock. The foam is very sticky and is hard to remove from fabric, skin, etc. If you have concerns send in the gun with the can attached.

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