A Variety of Foams – Niche Products

In this segment we want to introduce you to our niche products. Everybody knows the PUR FILL 1G gun dispense foam. Through the dispensing gun we have other products you can dispense that are nice niche products.

  • PUR BLACK polyurethane resin that has a back carbon dye added to make it jet black. This is used fur outside applications. Commercial rubber roofers, pond and waterscape technicians. It is also used to seal out bats, birds, insects, rodents – anything for outside applications.
  • PUR STICK formulated to be a creamier thicker foam with great adhesive qualities. So this past tests to be used to adhere dry wall, subfloor paneling, It’s a replacement for standard construction adhesive caulking.
  • IPF FOAM for the pest control industry, standard yellow foam formulation with 7 grams of added natural scented aroma. The pepper smell inside the foam as an added deterrent to seal out insects.
  • PUR FILL WINDOW FOAM specially formulated to foam around windows and doors it won’t post expand and bow your windows. You use a 1⁄2 inch diameter bead around the window. It has an R factor of about 6 per inch. The perfect product to use around windows and doors.
  • PUR FILL FIRE BLOCK this is a red/orange colored foam for residential construction to fill all the cracks crevices little pipes chase voids to seal out smoke. So it is really a smoke seal that is not going to let black smoke go into another room and it won’t let fresh air in to fuel the fire. This is a red colored FIRE BLOCK foam.
  • PUR FILL 1G COLD WEATHER formulated to work in colder temperatures. If you have to foam outdoors in cold days this is the product for you. Warm and shake the can before use and it will perform better in cold weather.