How to use Duo 400

  1. Prepare the Can:
    • Can temp should be between 60oF and 85oF
    • Shake the can well for 25 seconds
  2. Prepare Surfaces
    • Clean area with rag as Duo Fill 400 adheres best to clean dry surfaces
    • Surface temperatures must be over 35oF.
  3. Actuator into the valve
    • Flip lever into the open position.
    • Line up the actuator straw with the small triangle on the collar of the can
    • Insert the 2 actuator stems into the 2 valves inside the collar of the can
    • Push down on the actuator head so the stems are in the valves completely.
  4. Preparing to Foam
    • Flip the lever over the actuator head,confirm the lever triangle is the only piece touching the actuator head.
    • Turn the can upside down and hold the can and lever in one hand.
    • Shake the can again for 30 seconds
  5. Foaming
    • Give the lever a full straight pull.
    • Align with brackets straight,do not pull the lever to the right or to the left,straight ahead.
    • Dark blue component mixing with yellow component produces a light blue foam,the same color as the label on the can.If not light blue,stop foaming and start over with a new actuator.The foam is visually controlled.
    • Pull the lever with a solid pull,the DF 400 is all on,there is no half pulling(this throws the mixture off).
  6. After Foaming
    • When you finished foaming,throw the actuator and straw away;the foam will cure in the straw and cannot be used again.
    • If foaming within 24hours leave the cured straw and actuator in the valves.If the interval is longer than 24 hours,clean the valve out with cleaner and shake off residue.
  7. Cautions
    • Contents are flammable.Please use care;do not smoke when foaming or foam near open fire.Do not puncture can.Keep away from children.
    • Please read and review the data sheet and MSDS on Duo Fill 400 before using.