Training Tips and Tricks

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PUR FILL 1G and our other gun dispensed foams are designed to be dispensed through the Pageris foam gun. The foam gun is built to protect the foam and to dispense it whenever needed. Each has been designed to contribute to a convenient, controlled use of urethane foam and to eliminate the mess and clean-up required with other dispensing systems. The system is designed to be simple, and it is, but a clear understanding of the limits will help any user get the maximum benefits from PUR FILL 1G. Here is a quick summary of the steps to take to protect the gun and to achieve the best results from the foam.


When starting up a new gun; shake the can well and screw it into the adaptor on the top of the gun. Now back-off the flow adjustment screw one turn and pull the trigger for a few seconds. This will sweep out the air that was in the gun and will make the whole system moisture free and stable. The gun is now ready for use when needed.

This is a list of the most frequently asked questions about The Todol Foam System and the correct
answers. Please read them, it is the best training aid that we can give you.

1. What is the most important thing to keep in mind when using this system?
ALWAYS KEEP A CAN ON THE GUN. The pressure of the aerosol can prevents moisture from entering the gun.

2. What happens to the gun if the can is removed and not replaced?
The gun will become locked with cured foam. The foam will cure in the gun and there is no solvent or cleaner that will remove the cured foam.

3. What do I do if the can on the gun is empty and I do not have a replacement can available?
Leave the empty can on the gun until you have the replacement can. Even an empty can has enough
pressure to keep air out of the system and this will protect the gun from damage.

4. How do I change cans?
Remove the empty can, promptly screw on a replacement can and continue foaming. If there is to be a delay before foaming, purge the system for a few seconds after the new can is in place.

5. What do I do when I am through foaming?
Lock the flow adjustment screw at the back of the gun to prevent accidental discharge of the foam.Thoroughly wipe the tip of the dispensing gun to remove any uncured foam.

6. How long can I leave a can of foam on the gun?
The foam when properly mounted on the gun will be usable for the full shelf life of the can. We have seen cases where cans have lasted longer than 2 years and still worked when needed.

7. Can I fix the gun if something goes wrong?

8. What do I do if a properly mounted can on the gun either doesn’t dispense or the stream is very weak?
A. First assure that all cured foam has been removed from the opening in front of the needle valve at the tip of the gun. This is the most common problem.B. The second most common fixable complaint is a sticky ball valve. This has the same symptoms as the first, but a different cure. Unscrew the can from the gun and immediately flush the valve and the adaptor with Pur Clean. Now pull the trigger to reduce the pressure in the gun; this will dispense a little foam, so do this into a waste basket. Now look down into the adaptor to locate the white or green ball valve. Use a pencil to push the ball down into the gun. This will free it up. Screw the can of foam back into the

9. How does the foam cure?
The foam cures by reacting with water. While beads less than 1″ in diameter can get all the moisture that is required from the air, the best technique is to spritz a mist of water in the place where foam will be used. This assures a faster cure and full expansion of the foam to its maximum volume.

10. What is the proper technique for using the foam and gun?
Shake the can before each use, hold the can vertical while dispensing and keep the tip of the dispensing tube clear of cured foam. Increase the flow of foam by backing off the flow adjustment screw Do this carefully, there is no stop on screw.

11. Can I make any size bead?
All sizes from 1/4″ to 2″ are easily made directly from the Pageris gun. Needle adaptors which press onto the nub at the front of the IPM gun can make much smaller beads. Use an adaptor when the end of the gun is too large to fit into the gap which must be foamed.
Flexible tubing, which fits on the nub, permits foaming around corners or behind pipes.
Rigid, longer tubing which fits over the end of the gun dispenser is also available to extend the reach when the place to be foamed is beyond the length of the gun.

12. Can I make a thick section of foam?
Yes. If a very thick block of foam is needed, we recommend that you lay in a 1 inch bead of foam and then mist water on top of the uncured foam; Do not put water on the top layer of foam, use this layering technique until the cavity is about half filled, the expansion of the foam will complete the filling.

13. How long does it take for the foam to cure?
The surface will be tack free in about 10-15 minutes, and is trimmable in about 40 minutes.

14. Can the foam be used at low temperatures?
It can be, but best results are had when the can temperature is at least 60 F Lower temperatures slow the flow of the foam and job takes longer. The surface to which the foam is applied should be above

15. Does the foam burn?
Yes. The foam is combustible, self-extinguishing, has low flame spread and does not drip.

16. How do I remove foam that is in the wrong place?
Pur Clean will dissolve the foam, as will lacquer thinner, but solvents still leave a mess. It is best to mask the work area to prevent problems. Cured foam is removed with sand paper.

17. What effects cured foam?
Direct sunlight will slowly destroy the foam, but a coat of paint will protect it perfectly; either oil or latex paints will work. The foam does not shrink nor become brittle with age. It is not affected by water, or most solvents.

18. Will cured foam stop the passage of gas, air or water?
Yes. PUR FILL 1G and 1PM Foams are a closed cell foam which expands in place and bonds to most construction materials to effectively seal the opening.

19. Does the foam present a hazard to workers?
One of the chemicals in all urethanes is a dilsocyanate which can cause irritation to mucous membranes
if present in high concentration. PUR FILL 1G and 1PM Foam are designed to reduce this hazard, and in
fact tests have shown that in normal use irritating levels of diisocyanate are never reached.

20. Do the Foams contain formaldehyde?
No. They contain no formaldehyde and cured urethane gives off no odors.

21. Will new foam bond to old foam?
Yes. Just be sure that the surface of the old foam is clean.

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